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The Arch Of San Juan

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The founding date of the city of Merida is considered in 1540. For the future settlement of the conquistadors chose the old Mayan settlement, which was called tho. Original Merida, named after the Spanish eponymous village, was a well-fortified fortress. A few centuries the settlers lived under the protection of strong walls, which were necessary to protect the public from the warlike Spanish tribes. In the XIX century began the expansion of the city. Before our time preserved some gate, which formerly led to the castle. Now, after passing them, you can get into the Old town of Merida, where the most interesting sights. The most famous gate called San Juan. Now they rather resemble a decorative arch spanned over the street between two houses.

The construction of the gate took place in 1690 under the project of strengthening of the fortress. The basis of the arch had taken a similar gate in the neighboring town of Campeche. The arch was constructed at the beginning of the historical path called the Camino real, which connected the two main cities of Yucatan - Merida and San Francisco de Campeche. The arch of San Juan was more than the other two city gates built at the same time. In the upper part of the arch in a special niche with the statue of San Juan, or St. John the Baptist.

The arch of San Juan located in 69 in the center of Merida, opposite the Park and Church San Juan.

Many tourists, passing under the arch are not even aware that follow the path of the Spanish conquerors of Yucatan. Recently, the arch of San Juan has updated, so now it looks incredibly bright in the rays of the sun.