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Museum of Mexican history

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The Mexican history Museum is part of Museum complex, consisting of three museums. In addition to this institution, it also includes Museum-the government Palace and the North-East Museum.

The Museum, whose exhibits tell about the history of the country, was opened on 30 November 1994 in the presence of the President of the Republic of Carlossantana de Gortari and the Governor of Nuevo Leon Socrates Rizzo. Museum of Mexican history appeared in Monterrey in the framework of the program on the development of cultural tourism.

The most important historical exhibition in the North of Mexico is a three-storey building with an area of 15 thousand sq. m. in addition to the demonstration areas, in the Museum you can find a library, a video library, a cinema and cafes. Permanent exposition is located on the second floor of the building. It is divided into five parts.

The first sector tells the story of pre-Columbian Mexico, the tribes who lived on its territory, about their relationship and cultural heritage. The second part of the exhibition touches on the Spanish colonial period. Items exhibited in these halls, talk about religious orders, about the spread of the Christian faith, the formation of cities in the North of Mexico. The third sector is devoted to the Mexico of the XIX century, when there was nation-building, recovery and originated the revolutionary movement. The following halls will be of interest to people interested in the history of Mexico of the twentieth century. Finally, another part is not historical, and natural history and is dedicated to the diversity of ecosystems in Mexico.

Hall for temporary exhibitions is located on the first floor of the Museum.