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Native house of Morelos

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The historic building called Casa Natal de Morelos is known by the fact that it is here 30 Sep 1765 born national hero of the Mexican people, a fighter for independence from Spanish rule, the priest Jose Maria Tecla Morelos and pavón. Interestingly, in Morelia there are two palaces, the title of which there is the name of Morelos.

Nest of Morelos dated XVII century. It was originally built in the Baroque style. The facades were painted white. But in 1888, during the reconstruction of the building was rebuilt in neoclassical style. So him and see numerous guests Morelia.

One-storey mansion with two internal cozy garden in 1930 was declared a monument of culture of Mexico, and in 1965 converted into a Museum dedicated to Jose Maria Morelos. In several rooms of the Museum houses personal items and historical objects connected with the life of the Caudillo, as they call the leader in Spain and Latin America. Exposition of one hall devoted to the period of the trial and execution of Morelos. The most valuable exhibit of the Museum's collection is considered to be a document signed by Morelos. Also here you can see the funeral mask of a hero and a fragment of fabric, which was blindfolded Morelos during the execution. In the gallery of the Museum houses a large collection of portraits of the Caudillo of the South, among which of particular note are four monumental portrait, written by Alfredo the Salz.

The Museum has a library with 23 thousand volumes devoted to the life and work of Morelos and Mexican history. Also in this Palace you can find the projection of salon and reading room.