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Street Adakin

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The main street of the famous resort of Puerto ESCONDIDO is informally called Adoquin. This name comes from the Spanish word "rock." The rather odd name is due to the fact that Puerto ESCONDIDO for a long time was a simple fishing village with unpaved roads. Only after tourists discovered this Mexican settlement, here paved street Adochin. Interestingly, on maps you will not find a "line". Officially, the street named Perez Gasga, but its already a long time nobody calls.

Unlike some tourist destinations, Puerto ESCONDIDO has managed to preserve the charm of a small village. Important role here was played by the main street Adakin located near the beach Principal. Here is everything expects to see the traveler on the modern resort: bars, restaurants, Nightclubs, pharmacies, exchange offices, shops, which sell alcoholic beverages, shops, beach clothes, stalls with ice cream. But all of these places - rustic home and comfortable.

Adakin open to car traffic during the day but in the evening it becomes a pedestrian zone. When the heat of the day subsides, then, without exaggeration, is going to the city. Street musicians entertain the public, the artisans continue to sell their goods, among which stand out jewelry and toys. Street Adoquin is the best place to taste the Mexican cuisine. Tourists especially love exotic food like fried grasshoppers. There are also many Italian pizzerias and restaurants.