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Central Park

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The Central Park of San Cristobal de Las Casas, also known by other names: Vicente Espinoza Park, the Zocalo square, Central garden, the area on March 31. Central Park is the city's main square. It's quite a large space, which for several centuries remained a meeting place for the residents of San cristóbal. The area is more like a overgrown deciduous trees of the garden, in the center of which is installed an old two-storey kiosk-gazebo. In the daytime the area around him turns into a small natural market, where the Indians sell clothes and handmade jewelry. In the evenings a small orchestra here plays the marimba, which you can enjoy, sitting on wrought iron benches located in the shade of the trees.

Near the kiosk is a monument to Manuel Velasco suárez, Governor of Chiapas, who held office from 1970 to 1976, and has done much for the development of education in San cristóbal de Las Casas. Thanks to him, the city opened the University of Chiapas, a state medical school and the research environmental centre.

Central Park is the final stop of some buses, and a traditional gathering place for tourists. Many travelers start their acquaintance with the city from this area. It is surrounded by interesting historical and architectural terms, the building. Here you can see the Cathedral, St. Nicholas Church, the Municipal Palace, where the offices of the mayor and other officials, hotel Santa Clara, built in 1532 by the Spanish Conquistador captain Diego de Mazariegos. His coat of arms placed above the main portal of the building.