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Waterfall Salto de San Anton

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3 km from the centre of Cuernavaca is the area of San Anton, which was formerly an independent village of San Anton INALCO. Its main attraction is the Salto de San Anton a height of over 40 meters. He falls from the basalt rocks covered with lush vegetation. Along the wall of the gorge where cascading streams of water, for the convenience of tourists there is a ladder with a length of 100 meters, which leads to a viewing platform, offering gorgeous views of the waterfalls and scenic cliffs. On the way to the waterfall, it should pay attention on the basalt formations that were formed hundreds of years ago.

A narrow waterfall Salto de San Anton falls down vertically, illustrating a beautiful legend which the locals tell everyone. They say that one of the residents of the village of San Anton, a brave warrior named Analco went to war a few days before her wedding and never came back. His grieving fiancée died from grief, but her hair continued to grow. The gods, seeing the example of such great love, turned the spit of the girl in the waterfall, and the body of the young man in the river, which it feeds, so loving, and after his death stayed together.

San Anton is one of the 11 villages that were included in Cuernavaca. This village was founded on 23 may 1487. In addition to visiting the falls, San Anton offers its guests numerous shops selling pottery and flowers in pots which will adorn any home. There is also a large number of nurseries where plants are grown for every taste and budget.