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The Island Of Ixtapa

Photos and description

Opposite to fashionable Mexican resort of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo is Ixtapa island, which is also called the Big island. This is a real Mecca for lovers of diving and water sports. To reach the island of Ixtapa is possible for a small fee on the water taxi, which departs from the beach Linda.

The island has 4 beaches that are very popular with tourists, especially in high season. The most famous area on the island is called Chianalea - in honor of the tree, in Russian called amphipterygium astringent, which grows here. Here you can rent a Bicycle to explore the surrounding area or to ride on a water banana. Most guests come here for fishing. For the best fish you need to rent a boat to sail away from the shore. All of the fish on the island of Ixtapa is prepared and served with a glass of beer. While the men are fishing, women prefer to relax under the palm trees on the beach, massage.

The coral beach attracts scuba divers. Located near the island's coral reefs are famous for the variety of flora and fauna. More calm water should be sought from Varadero beach. Cut off from the "big" world beach where tranquility reigns and silence, called Sacrificio. Around it no restaurants. It is located near a small hill top which offers great views of the Pacific ocean.

To call this plot of land is near the resort of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo word "island" is probably an exaggeration. It is possible to pass from end to end in a few minutes. But his size did not detract from the experience, which here and ride thousands of tourists from different countries of the world.