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Park Renacimiento

Photos and description

If you look at the Park Renacimiento from the height of bird flight you can see the square area in the center of which is a large circular area. To it converge all the paths that laid through green spaces surrounding the area. On the one hand the Park is limited to the Boulevard - the local promenade on the other street on January 22. Go to the square, with their facades of the Palace of justice and a large shopping center, where, in addition to a variety of shops, you can also find many restaurants with nice prices. Also near the Park built a new Marina Villa Manatee. Renacimiento in the Park and on the waterfront, you can often see people riding on roller skates. They can be rented near the Park.

In the center of the round area in the Park has a large sculpture called "Renacimiento", that is "Revival". It was created in honor of the terrible events that shook Chetumal on September 27, 1955. Then the city was struck by hurricane Janet, which claimed about 800 lives and virtually destroyed most of the buildings in this village. At that time in Chetumal population of only 8 million inhabitants. Loss 1/10 of the population of the city, the state capital of Quintana Roo, was a terrible blow not only for local inhabitants but for the whole country. Of course, the city was restored. He gradually recovered from the shock and became even more beautiful. So that future generations do not forget about the tragedy that shook the entire country, that element can bring massive destruction, the Park at the beach was named after the Renaissance and erected a monument to the power of the inhabitants of the city, literally rising from the ashes.