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The Church of San josé del Cabo

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The municipality of Los Cabos consists of three districts, one of which is the San Jose del Cabo. Perhaps its main attraction is the Catholic Church, founded by Jesuit father Nicholas Tamarim in 1730 in the place which in the local aboriginal language Perico called Annuity. Nowadays this temple is also sometimes so called. The local Church was the southernmost mission of the Jesuits, built in the colonial period. Funds for the construction of the mission highlighted the Marquis de Villabuena de La peña. At first, this sacral complex was built virtually on the beach of not very strong materials. Subsequently, he moved away from the sea. The mission of the Jesuits was consecrated by name of St Joseph.

In 1734, the local Church has witnessed the bloody uprising of the Indians Perito against Catholic priests. The temple founder Nicholas Tamaral after torture was killed, and the mission San Jose destroyed. In the XVIII century, the mission was postponed several times. After the expulsion of the Jesuits in the late XVIII century the temple was under the care of the Dominicans, therefore, many locals refer to it as Dominican.

In 1793, the Church building was damaged in the floods. It was restored in five years. The mission was finally abandoned in 1840. Unfortunately, it is now almost nothing left. Temple of San Jose del Cabo was rebuilt after the devastating hurricane of 1918. From the previous buildings are preserved only some of the walls. The main decoration of the facade of the Church is a mosaic depicting the agony of the father of Tamarela.