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Academy of San Carlos, located in the city center, is a national Mexican Academy of arts. Initially it was known as the School of engraving, and was built in 1781. Just two years later it was renamed by the Spanish government in the Royal Academy of noble arts of San Carlos and serve the development of the art of painting, architecture and sculpture. The art collection of the Academy began with the original plaster casts of Greek, Roman and European works, which are now used as teaching material for students. Among the works of the European masters here are prints Dating from the 16th to 19th century, brought from Spain, France, England, Italy, Germany and Holland.

In 1929, the Academy was divided into two schools - the National school of sculpture and architecture school. The latter was given the office of the National University of Mexico. For a school of sculpture was given the name "the Academy of San Carlos". It is the first higher art schools of America and, in addition, the first Museum of art.

Within its walls he received his artistic education many eminent artists, among them Rufino Tamayo, josé Clemente Orozco, David Alfaro and more. In 2007 the Academy received education about six thousand students.

The University holds a rich collection of works of art. In addition to sculptures, paintings and photographs, there is a numismatic Cabinet with a rich collection of coins.