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Calvary Cuernavaca

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Calvary Cuernavaca, better known under the name Spire or temple of San Jose, is a complex consisting of two sacred buildings. Calvary is located directly in the city centre on Avenida Morelos Sur.

The first building, in whose honor the Procession was called the Spire dedicated to the virgin of Guadalupe. It is an open chapel crowned with a dome. These small temples were traditional in XVI-XVII centuries. Nowadays, however, in Mexico, except in Cuernavaca, you such facilities. The roof of the chapel supported by pillars, and underneath on the dais is a statue of the virgin. Access to the sculpture is restricted: the pedestal is surrounded by a wrought-iron fence.

The spire was built in 1538, as evidenced by the inscription carved on the facade. In 1772 it was consecrated by the vicar of Cuernavaca Lorenzo Mascia and Lovo.

The second building that is part of Calvary, it is the temple of San Jose, or St. Joseph, built in the early XX century in a romantic style, thanks to the initiative of the priest Miguel Maria Velez. Funds for the construction of magnificent churches was not enough, but the first stone in its Foundation is still laid. However, as time went on, but the temple was never built. Only in 1938 the local chaplain Jose Garcia Ortiz began to actively raise money to continue the construction. In the end, with the support of another priest Kind of Benjamín lópez in 1939, the Church of San Jose was completed. Its side walls composed of six branches, decorated with arched Windows and the main facade is decorated with two Gothic towers view.