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Casa de La Sirena

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Walk the streets of San cristóbal de Las Casas allows to consider in detail the outstanding examples of colonial architecture, among which are especially worth noting Casa de La Sirena is a mansion located in the historic center opposite Central Park. Old house, standing in the South-Western part of the square on 31 March, was built on the orders of the captain Diego de Mazariegos, the founder of San Cristobal de La Casas. After some time, Mazariegos gave his mansion Andres de La Tovilla, his friend and constant companion during all her journeys.

Probably, the construction of Casa de La Sirena continued throughout the sixteenth century. The facade of the mansion is decorated in the plateresque style. The name of the house purchased for a few sculptural decorations placed near the entrance and on the corner of the building.

It should be noted that until the early 60-ies of the last century, these sculptures are carved from stone, located in the lower part of the facade, but because of the vandalism of tourists who tried to break off the detail of the mermaid on the memory, they moved to higher ground.

Recently the facade of the Casa de La Sirena was restored by the staff of the National Institute of anthropology and history. The current owners of the building supported the initiative of employees of the Institute. The renovation updated the original hue of the facade, repaired the figure and double-headed eagles, lions and mermaids that adorn the Central entrance and balcony.

There is an interesting theory explaining why on the facade of Casa de La Sirena is depicted mermaids. According to some historians, they represent danger in the way that was waiting for European explorers in the ocean when they were trying to get to the New world.