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Laguna Yalahau

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Holbox island from the mainland of Mexico, separated by a lagoon, Yalahau, sometimes called a Lagoon de Conil. West of the lagoon is the sea, with which it associates a 7-kilometer Strait. From the North-East it is also connected with the sea, but this time through a shallow narrow channel. Length of the lagoon, Yalahau is 20 km, a width of about 5 km of the lagoon is salty and rich in nutrients (zooplankton and phytoplankton), which attracts many representatives of the underwater Kingdom, for example, there are found sea perch, stone perch and some other fish species. Here often swim dolphins, observe games which brings together tourists and locals.

In the lagoon do not get river water, as on the Yucatan Peninsula has no rivers. However, here the sea water mixes with freshwater, which comes from underground sources. Lagoon, Yalahau should not be confused with a small natural pool (cenote) with the same name, which is located on the mainland.

A trip on the lagoon you can go by ferry from Holbox village or town Chiquila opposite. Tour of the reservoir takes 20 minutes.

Until the early nineteenth century in the lagoon of Yalahau hosted the pirates. In 1821 the Spaniards decided to restore order in the region, and 1850 years on the banks of the lagoon there are several centers for wood processing and agricultural products.

With local lagoon has several ancient legends. Tell that she was chosen for the bathing wife of one of the Mayan kings. In this regard, on the island of Holbox, is not allowed outsiders. The Spaniards came to these lands, was surprised to see the untouched wealth of the island. According to local beliefs, the Mayans moved away, realizing the danger from the aliens, right to another planet. Finally, say that in the lagoon sunk a Galleon of Spanish gold, which protects the slave put to death. To verify this, visit the pond, Alagao. By the way, many tourists come here to observe several types of birds.