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Museum of folk culture

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Museum of folk culture is located in a colonial-style building, located opposite the Parc de La Merced, a few metres from the former monastery of the same name, which is now a Museum of amber. It was opened on 7 February 2000 with the aim of restoring, re-evaluation and demonstration of the achievements of folk masters of Chiapas.

It opened a permanent exhibition, the exhibits of which tell about different customs and traditions of the indigenous population of America. Part of the exhibition dedicated to the Mexican national holidays that stand out for their unusual customs, rituals and ceremonies, and make a lasting impression on tourists. In addition, several rooms of the Museum dedicated to the collection of works by local artists.

However, perhaps the most interesting still considered temporary exhibits that allow a closer look at a particular kind of art or craft. Approximately every three months, these exhibitions are updated. Among the most interesting temporary exhibitions it is worth noting the demonstration of a collection of works by potters of the community Cuilapa de Juarez, collection of old photographs depicting Indians in traditional costumes, etc. caused a Great resonance and exhibition of items related to carnival, which takes place in the mountain villages around San Cristobal de Las Casas.

The Museum of popular culture often gives master classes on creating with your hands clay plates, woven mats, etc. In the Museum you can find a small shop selling Souvenirs and some products of Indian craftsmen.

The Museum of folk culture offers technical assistance in the development of various creative projects related to the themes of the permanent exhibition.