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The ruins of the monastery of the Apostle James

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Near the city of Oaxaca is the small settlement of Cuilapan, the peak of which occurred in the past century. Currently, tourists stop here solely because of the ruins of the monastery of St. Jacob, which the locals call Saint Santiago. This monastery and the temple beside it are located on a hill directly above the village.

Interestingly, the monastery complex of the Dominicans, whose construction began in 1555 and was not completed. However, until 1663, the monks, who subsequently moved to Oaxaca, leaving the Grand building, partially destroyed by earthquakes. Something like, for example, the roof of the Basilica was not completed.

We currently see a Renaissance Church, consisting only of walls, which are flanked by two imposing colonnades. Some columns were destroyed by the tremors. To the left of the Church is the stone pulpit, which leads to a small ladder. Preserved monastery building with very thick walls. Looking at them, you recall that the monasteries in the New world also served as fortresses, where they could take refuge from Indian attacks. Near the main portal to the monastery survived the ancient frescoes. In 1831, in a dilapidated monastery of St. James the Apostle were kept arrested President of Mexico, Vicente Guerrero. The second floor was occupied by rooms of the monks. It surrounds the terrace, which is now converted into a viewing platform. Standing on it, you can make beautiful pictures of the surrounding area.