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The Agadir Souk

The Agadir Souk, located within the huge Park, the largest Moroccan market in the region. Similar markets are available in almost all big cities of the country. From all sides of the Agadir Souk is surrounded by a high wall. To get to the market through the multiple entrances, located on different sides.

Almost all of the branch block lightweight awnings and awnings that protect buyers from the hot sun. The travelers who first come here, dazzled by the number of tents, stores and shops. Only in this market, there are over 6 thousand trading places. In order to greatly simplify search of the necessary product category, the market was specially divided into several sectors. For example, furniture sector, Handicrafts, and, accordingly, - clothes, spices, meat products and vegetables. Also here tourists have the opportunity to buy exclusive products. For this you need to look in craft shops or in the sector of national clothes. The important thing is to choose a product.

Almost everything available on the market was made locally or imported from nearby villages. For example, carpets and products from a genuine leather of local manufacture, ceramic crafts are delivered from Safi, as for the decorations, the merchants bring their Tinita and Taroudant.

Special demand travelers on the Moroccan market are the fruit - there is a huge placer of the most sweet and juicy in the world of Golden orange oranges. Their prices are just ridiculous.

Going to the Agadir Souk, we must not forget about a clever traders who can easily sell you a cheap Chinese fake instead of a unique product.