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Rabat archaeological Museum

Archaeological Museum, located in the capital city of Morocco Rabat is the largest in the country collection of Antiques. It contains an extensive collection of archaeological exhibits that were found on the territory of the state.

The Museum is housed in a building built in the 1930-ies for the Service of antiquities. It originally housed a collection of ancient objects from pre-Islamic and prehistoric era. The exhibits, discovered by scientists during archaeological excavations in Volubilis and Banas Tameside, was first put before the public in 1930-1932 After 1957, the exposure increased significantly, the Museum was given national status.

All presented in the Archaeological Museum of Rabat exhibits grouped under the relevant sections and chronological basis. For example, in the prehistoric section are the remains of ancient human the Paleolithic; the Rome section you can see various bronze ware; see pre-Islamic civilization, see history of trade relations between Morocco and Carthage. With regard to the section of Islamic archaeology, he is supplemented by new exhibits today. Here are mainly represented by the items used by people in everyday life.

Of particular interest among the visitors of the Archaeological Museum of Rabat cause artifacts pebble culture is the results of the excavations in ARBOIS, Casablanca and Douar-Duma, Acheulian culture - findings in Daya El Hamra and Sidi Abderrahmane, Mousterian and americkou cultures that existed about 6 million years ago. Absolutely unique are the tracks americkou culture. Only thanks to the excavations conducted on the territory of Morocco, became aware of its existence.

Also great attention of the guests to the Archaeological Museum of Rabat enjoys a collection of ancient bronze sculptures. One of the most interesting exhibits of this meeting is crowned with ivy statue efeba.