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Hassan Tower

One of the main attractions of the capital of Morocco, Rabat is famous Hassan Tower. In the XII century by Sultan Yaqub al-Mansur decided to build in discount new residence with a mosque which had become the most imposing building in the Islamic world. The construction of the mosque was started in 1195, It was built of pink stone. The main decoration of the mosque served as Lancet arches and decorative relief in the form of a lattice.

At that time the mosque Hassan had the three courtyards, more than 400 columns and 16 doors. Its total area was to be more than 25 thousand sq. m. Stage minaret was built so that the Sultan could make it to the top, without Dismounting from his stallion. But the dream of the Sultan did not pass. Unfortunately, in 1199, Yacoub al-Mansour died before completion of construction. After the death of Sultan, the construction stopped. After some time, the building was disassembled. All that is left is the wreckage, about 260 columns and erected the minaret-tower. In 1956, the locals declared the minaret a national Shrine.

The height of the square, the Hassan tower is 44 m, and planned for more than 60 m. the Upper levels of the tower are decorated with patterns, the lower levels and corners smooth. The main decoration of it are the arches.

Looks very nice tower during sunset, when the sun's rays in an extraordinary way to show off your silhouette. Today, the Hassan Tower in Rabat is a symbol of the capital of Morocco.