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Great mosque of Hassan II

Great mosque of Hassan II is one of the main Moroccan attractions, the real jewel of the city. Located in Casablanca on the Atlantic coast, it is the largest mosque in Morocco and the tallest religious structure in the world. The total height of the minaret of the mosque is about 200 m, which is 40 m higher than St. Peter's Cathedral and at 30 m, commonly known as the pyramid of Cheops. A huge building can accommodate up to 25 thousand people. The territory of mosque is more than 9 ha. half of the Muslim mosque is located right over the ocean.

The construction of the mosque began during the reign of king Hassan II in July 1986 and ended in August 1993, the Mosque was built by the French architect Michel Pina, who was not a Muslim. On the construction of this masterpiece for the past 7 years worked for 6 thousand Moroccan artisans. Used for the construction of the great mosque of the materials (wood, granite, marble, gypsum, etc.) were brought from different regions of the country. And only the white granite columns and glass chandeliers were imported from Italy.

The building of the mosque is so beautiful and rich that in appearance resembles a real Palace. Inside the mosque perfectly combines spirituality and modern technology. The prayer hall is decorated with 78 columns made of pink granite, beautiful floors, paved with slabs of green onyx and gold marble. In winter the floor is heated. The entire room of the mosque is illuminated by a huge 50-ton glass chandelier from Italy.

Laser projector, mounted in the upper part of the minaret, the green light creates a line length of 30 km, pointing in the direction of the Mosque in Mecca. The building has a sliding roof.

Great mosque of Hassan II is open to tourists.