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Big Bazaar

Tangier, like any other city of Morocco, is famous for its wonderful bazaars. The largest and most popular market of this major port city is the "Grand Socco". It is located in the Central part of the Medina, near the famous mosque, Sidi BU Abib with great, pointed minarets.

Grand Bazaar is the most bustling and noisy place in Tangier. Every trader, trying to drown his neighbor in trade, invites to go in his shop or a cafe, slipping under the nose of tourists from different copper utensils and other Souvenirs. Around the market are posted noisy sounds of Oriental drums, the smells of red pepper and delicious grilled meat.

The main thing - not to get lost among all of this, and closely monitor your wallet in advance to choose the product you want to buy at the Grand Bazaar in Tangier. All the persistent sentences such as "buy this lucky stone from the sacred mountains," it is better to reject at once, as similar stones on the beach a few billion. The locals, unlike the Egyptians, are well aware of the word "don't" and "no". If you have already chosen the product and you can bargain, Moroccans are polite people, they always make concessions to their customers. No local currency is not an obstacle here will happily accept both the Euro and the dollar. It should also be noted that the notion of "surrender" in the markets of Tangier simply does not exist.

In the Bazaar "Grand Socco" you can buy many interesting traditional Souvenirs: gold jewelry, silver ware, lamps of colored glass and copper, copper and clay utensils with the national painting, wool and silk duvets and carpets, and the gorgeous leather goods: the traditional shoes, embroidered with silver and gold threads, jacket made of camel wool, bags and belts.

In addition to a luxurious array of goods, the "Grand Socco" you can see the amazing performances of snake charmers, street dancers, magicians and fakirs.