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To get in the Marrakesh Medina in several ways, but they all lead through the gates, most of which is the landmark of the Imperial city of Marrakech. Some of these gates are assumed to be known Bab-Agnew is a real masterpiece of traditional Islamic architecture XI century Structure was built in the Old town in the XII century by order of the sultans of the family of the Almohads. In the twentieth century, there was held a Grand restoration.

With Berber Women, Agnew translates as "a RAM without horns". Initially, the construction of the gate were two towers. Since the tower was destroyed, and it was like a sheep without horns turned out. Exactly, hence the modern name of Bab-Agnew.

In the past the gate of Bab Agnaou was used as the entrance to a government, has bolstered the quarter. Currently they are considered one of the most important and interesting sights are the Central square Jema El Fna square.

The gates were made strictly in Arabic style. The construction includes several one passing into another Moorish arches, built in the form of a horseshoe and decorated with traditional Arabic patterns. It gives a complete architectural composition. Used in the construction of the gate of the bluish tint of the limestone, makes the building elegant look.

Special interest among tourists is the stork that made a nest on the North side of the gate. Travelers take pictures of it no less fervently than the ancient ornaments.

Bab-Agnew located in an area of constant tours, as there are other interesting sights of Marrakesh.