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The pillars of Hercules

Pillars of Hercules is one of the main natural sights of Morocco, located 18 km from the major port city of Tangier. The pillars of Hercules are two large rocks, between which is the Strait of Gibraltar. One of the rocks, located on the European continent, belongs to the UK, and the second, from the African continent, the rock Jebel Musa - the state of Morocco.

Scientists are still completely unknown exact history of the origin of the Strait of Gibraltar and the pillars of Hercules. According to Greek mythology the Creator of this monument of nature was the legendary Hercules (Heracles), who performed many heroic feats. As his travels Hercules the identified limit point, signifying the end of the earth, which in ancient times became the main reference point for all marine travelers. Using gifted by the gods strength, he punched through the mountain, through which flowed the water, and formed the Strait of Gibraltar. And the rest on its shores two rocks called the pillars of Hercules. According to Plato, precisely because Gerkulesovy posts and was the mysterious Atlantis.

Both rocks are framed by deep caves, the Creator which according to legend was also a brave Hercules. In the Middle ages, rich Europeans visited these caves for holding outings. Nowadays they are widely used by traders of Souvenirs, because every day a huge number of tourists come to see this magnificent natural wonder. At high tide all the caves completely filled with seawater.

In these caves, well preserved from the Neolithic age, he has conducted archaeological excavations, in which were found many interesting artifacts, including primitive tools.

The caves offer a magnificent view of the Mediterranean sea.