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The Bahia Palace

The Bahia Palace in Marrakech is a real masterpiece of Moroccan architecture, which is the main attraction of the city. The construction of the Palace began in 1880 and ended in 1900 a Building was erected on the orders of the Grand vizier of Marrakesh, si Ahmed Ben Moussa, for one of his wives.

During the construction of the Grand vizier continued to acquire new sites, so the plan of the Palace is constantly changing. Most of the chambers were completed separately, resulting in the building of the Palace began to resemble a huge maze. Like most other buildings, designed in an Arab-Andalusian style, the Bahia Palace has a beautiful garden, a charming patio and many chambers are decorated with wooden ceilings with ornaments and exquisite moldings.

The older part of the Palace consists of a garden with cypresses, oranges, banana trees and fountains. The new part was built already under Sultan Abd al-Aziza. This work was done by the famous architect Muhammad bin al-Makki al-Motivam.

The luxury and beauty of the Palace could not leave alone matured Sultan Abd al-Aziza, becoming the envy of so after the death of the vizier Sidi Moussa he simply looted the Palace.

Outside the house of the vizier practically like a Palace. Fearing to arouse the envy of the people, the Sultan ordered to avoid any decorations outside. While inside the Palace is striking in its richness and beauty. Wooden carved decoration, national mosaic, painted doors and ceilings of cedar, are of particular admiration of the guests who visited the Palace.

To date, 150 of the Palace rooms to visit is available only chambers of the first floor. Great attention of the visitors enjoyed a front hall with cedar from Meknes. Here you can get to the front yard, lined with expensive Carrara marble and surrounded by columns, decorated with traditional arabesques. Here you can also admire the magnificent fountains of magnessage marble.