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Palace Dar-El-Macsen

The main historical sights of Tangier is located in the old part of town - the Medina. And its highest point is situated the white Palace Dar-El-Maksen. The building of the Palace was built in the XVII century and once belonged to the Sultan. Richly decorated with mosaics and various decorative elements, the Palace was designed in the traditional Arabic style. It is a Palace complex with galleries and a courtyard patio.

In the Palace Dar-El-Macsen lived only two Sultan of Morocco, later the Palace was used as residence of the Pasha of Tangier. The halls of the Palace make a striking impression: walls and floors covered with colourful mosaic, wooden ceilings decorated with Oriental carvings and colored paintings. In 1922, the Palace was restored and converted into a Museum. Beautiful rooms that are themselves Museum pieces, were transformed into Museum halls. Today in the Palace of Dar al-Makzan hosts two museums - the archaeology Museum and Museum of Moroccan arts.

In the Museum of art houses exhibits that represent the decorative art of the Moroccan people. Here you can see a rich collection of world-famous Rabat carpets. No less striking in its splendor and luxury collection of women's jewelry, from which it is impossible to look away. This is a beautiful belt, delicate tiaras, earrings and bracelets from gold plated silver and gold, inlaid with precious stones in the traditional Hispano-Moorish style. The authors of these jewelry works are the masters of Essaouira.

The Palace also houses the Museum of archeology, which are artifacts from the prehistoric era to the first century BC, telling about the ancient history of Morocco. Here you can see the Carthaginian tomb and a Roman mosaic called "the Journey of Venus".

One of the tracks of the Palace Dar-El-Macsen leads to Mendoubia amazing gardens in which grow beautiful centuries-old trees.