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The El Badi Palace

The El Badi Palace, located in the southern part of Marrakech - this is one of the city's attractions. It was built in 1578 by order of king Ahmad al-Mansur. A little earlier the army of Ahmed al-Mansur defeated the troops of Portugal and forced them to pay a large tribute. It was on the money and conducted the construction of the Palace with a proud name "Incomparable".

The Palace was built almost 25 years. For its construction were invited the best masters of Andalusia and Catalonia, we used the finest materials of the time: Irish granite, Italian marble and multi-color onyx, delivered India. The ceiling and walls of the building are decorated with beautiful gilding.

However, to enjoy the fantastic beauty of the Palace could not more than a century. After came to power, the Alawites, they moved the capital to Meknes, and Marrakech are left in the provincial desolation for many centuries. Later Sultan Moulay Ismail ordered the destruction of the Palace. It endured a full 10 years, which once again testifies to the size and luxury of the Palace. Marble and gold, taken in Meknes, was used as decorations for the newly built residences of the Alawites.

Today you can see only the walls of the courtyard and walk through the beautiful orange garden. Even in ruins the Palace looks extremely beautiful. The most amazing part of the architecture is the courtyard, which showcases the wealth of its owners. Palace yard was the largest in Marrakech because its size is about 15 thousand sq m. the Yard was so huge that all the buildings surrounding it, seem very narrow.

The El Badi Palace had 360 rooms on different floors, including a large network of underground tunnels. Also in the Palace, between two tall pavilions, was made a huge pool with a size of about 2 thousand sq. m. Each of the pavilions is surrounded by two other smaller pools. At the present time in places where previously there was a pool, grow the perfect orange trees.