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La Kasbah Des Oudayas

La Kasbah des Oudayas is the main fortress of Rabat. It is located on the shores of the Atlantic ocean and is a city within a city. The Fort was named in honor of the udaya tribe, lived in these places before Arabs.

Although the building was laid in 1158, its special meaning it has acquired only half a century later. It was then to seize the power of the Almohads, led by Sultan Yaqub al-Mansur took control of the entire valley BU-Regreg and took this stronghold. The Almohads built in La Kasbah des Oudayas gate, which can be seen today in the surviving animals.

With the departure of the Almohad Kasbah udaya fell into disrepair, and it lasted for several centuries. All this time here hosted outlaws, including pirates, who a long time used the fortress as protection from the fleet of European countries. At the end of XVI century the fortress of La Kasbah des Oudayas was rebuilt again by the alawites. Them old cannons can still be seen today.

The gates is a work of art doarabskih times. And behind them is a Paradise: a wide variety of greenery, orange orchards, narrow streets with houses built of white limestone. The main street called Djemaa leads directly to the mosque, built in the XII century. the Most favorite place of residents and guests of the city is a wonderful observation deck, which offers wonderful sea views.

Walking through the fortress, be sure to visit the Museum of Moroccan arts with a rich collection of Oriental treasures. In the citadel is a cozy cafe where you can relax and have a snack.

Today the fortress is La Kasbah des Oudayas, a beautiful monument of architecture of Rabat.