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Quarter Hub (Derb Sultan)

Quarter Hub (Derb Sultan) is one of the main architectural sights of Casablanca. And despite all the greatness of the Great mosque of Hassan II, it is the hallmark of this city. Famous quarter of Habu was erected in the twentieth century the Uniqueness of the architectural complex lies in the fact that here has been perfectly combined with modern elements of urban planning with the traditional hosting plan, the old part of town - the Medina.

Quarter Hub was built to provide housing perebiraya in the city of rural residents. From the very beginning in the quarter was expected to live only poor citizens. However, he was so beautiful that over time here wanted to move almost all wealthy citizens. The richest families live in the area around the mosque is considered the most prestigious. People with low incomes have settled in a quarter near the Hub of the market.

Attention tourists in the quarter of the Hub are: the magnificent Palace of justice Ada Mahi Pasha, the famous Imperial Avenue, where you can see a huge number of shops with Arabic books, the mosque of the former king of the country Mohammed V with a small garden, in which bloom the whole year the beautiful fruit trees and is also known for its stained-glass Windows of the Church Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes.

In the quarter the Hub there is almost everything that can attract tourists: many shops, shopping shops, small squares and amazing narrow streets. Those who wish to purchase unique Souvenirs of local craftsmen, need to go on the Copper market. Here everyone can see the whole process of manufacturing products from copper and silver. Skilful engravers working in this market all day, creating masterpieces that are immediately available. Walking through the city's narrow streets, you can visit other local markets: confectionery, olive and pottery.