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The Royal Palace of Rabat

The Royal Palace of Rabat, the residence of king of Morocco Mohammed VI, is considered the center of administrative and political life of the state. It is located in the old part of town - the Medina.

The Palace, designed in traditional Arabic style, was erected in 1864 in the form of huge complex - a two story yellow-orange building with a green roof and small towers, decorated with carved arches, paintings and mosaics. The entrance is guarded by old cannons.

The grounds of the Royal Palace can be accessed through the arch with carved gates. The high walls of the residence of the Palace protect it from unwanted guests. The territory of the Palace are decorated with rich flower beds and manicured lawns. Around grow hibiscus, banana and Fig trees. The garden also has a beautiful fountain with many jets, which is sacred. In the water you can see floating fish, snakes, turtles. This place is more like a fairy Paradise, than on political and administrative establishment.

Next to the Royal Palace of Rabat on the square is the Royal family the Sultan AHL-FAS. Here every Friday afternoon, king Mohammed VI holds the prayer, and the Moroccan people can see their ruler. The Palace is guarded by Royal guards, military and police. According to tradition, the Royal guard, along with their relatives living in the residence.

Directly in front of the Royal Palace of Rabat is a huge square Meshwar - "the place of the meeting of the Council."