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The walls of Taroudant

The walls of Taroudant, one of the main attractions of this small Moroccan town, located in the heart of the Souss valley and is the capital of the ancient Sadinsky. These are surrounded by picturesque mountains, majestic walls that carry the history of Morocco, and today represent a great interest for lovers of antiquities.

Located at the intersection of caravan routes in the Sahara desert city of Taroudant has long been the subject of confrontation between the neighboring tribes and States. With 1056 the city was in possession of the powerful family of the Almoravid. Until XVI century, Taroudant was a small provincial village, not yet passed into the possession of the dynasty Saadian. The city gradually began to develop and became one of the country's main points on trade in rice, sugar cane and cotton, vital to life in the desert. In 1528 the first Sultan of Morocco Mohamed al-Sheikh ordered to build a magnificent mosque and a city to surround the fortress walls.

Most of these fortifications of the city, created from clay material, and decorated with square towers, has been preserved to our time. The walls, stretching for a distance of over 5 km, reach a height of 7 m. the Exit from the city was carried out through five city gates, the most important and magnificent of which - Bab El Kasbah.

The main feature of Taroudant is that virtually all of his urban buildings are still inside the walls. This city with beautiful clay houses, orange and pomegranate groves, Moroccan bazaars surrounded by ancient crenellated walls, a scenic backdrop of mountains creates all the necessary conditions for a wonderful stay.

Especially beautiful the city walls of Taroudant look at sunset, shimmering shades of red and yellow flowers. Just behind the walls is a beautiful alley, where grow palms, orange and olive trees.