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The Fortress Of Agadir

The fortress of Agadir is the city's famous historical landmark. The fortress is located on a high hill, so it is possible to see even at the entrance to the city. Very often, the fortress is also called "Agadir on the hill."

From the ancient fortress of the Kasbah, which was built in 1572 (XVI century) by order of the Governor Mulia of Abdallah El-Ghalib, formed a city block. Before the Kasbah was a fortress with very small and narrow inner streets.

In 1960, Agadir was a strong earthquake (5.8 points for the Richter scale) and in just 15 seconds the city was in ruins. At the time, died about 15 thousand people from 40 thousand population. Suffered and the fortress itself - the earthquake has caused a lot of damage. From powerful architecture, impressive with his striking fortifications, until today has reached only one long wall that surrounds the fortress of Agadir. Also survived castle gate, where you can see preserved the inscription, which from Arabic translates to "Fear Allah and honor the king." From inside these powerful walls of the fortress, truly feel the long-forgotten past.

In the evening wall and the gates are highlighted a skilled decorative lighting striking beauty. The original lighting is decorated with another inscription located on the hillside. In Arabic language it means: "God, country, king".

From the observation deck, which is located on the ramparts offer a wonderful view of the city of Agadir and its surroundings. Here you can see the surrounding area, including the beautiful valley of the su, picturesque mountains of the Antiatlas and the beach of the Agadir Bay. In the North one can see the rugged peaks of the Atlas.