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The Fortress Of Mazagao

The fortress of Mazagan, located in El Jadida near the port, is the main historical attraction of the city. Start of construction of the fortress is dated 1514, by the Authors of this citadel was made by two brothers Francisco and Diego de Arruda, also known as the establishment and other fortifications in Morocco.

After the loss of Agadir in 1541, the castle was strengthened with additional fortifications, the construction of which engaged a group of engineers, architects, Ribeira joão from Portugal, Benedetto of Ravenna from Italy and Juan Castilla, from Spain. Soon the fortress was erected several churches and chapels.

Originally the structure had three gates: Bullish - on the West side of the Sea from the North - East and the Main gate is from South of the shaft, through which the drawbridge was to go to the territory of the citadel. In the years of French rule, the fortress has undergone some changes - the moat was filled with earth and made a new entrance to the main street of Rua da Carreira.

After a long two and a half centuries of occupation, the Portuguese, according to the peace Treaty with Mohammed bin Abdullah, had to leave the fortress walls. Before leaving, they mined the main gate, thereby destroying the Bastion of the Governor and almost the entire South shaft, and the city itself for half a century remained "dead."

Only somewhere in the middle of the NINETEENTH century by Sultan Abderrahmane Mullah was ordered to restore the destroyed parts of the fortifications and to build a mosque to bring the city to life. It was then that the city was given its modern name of El Jadida.

To the present time on the territory of the fortress of Mazagan remained four bastions, namely, the bastions of St. Sebastian, Angel, SV. Spirit and St. Antoine. From the Bastion of the Governor, which was located near the main entrance to the fortress ruins. Now inside the citadel are residential areas and souvenir shops.