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Botanical gardens Auckland

Botanical gardens Auckland is one of the most popular attractions of the city. It is located South of downtown Auckland, about a thirty minute drive and occupies 64 acres of beautifully landscaped land.

First Botanical Garden was opened to the public on 23 February 1982, so it is relatively young. Throughout its existence, the garden has built new buildings for the convenience of visitors. So, here was opened the information the visitor centre for visitors, educational and entertainment center for children "of the Garden, Potter," library, café.

In the cafe "Miko" in addition to the standard drinks and dishes visitors can try dishes from locally grown garden plants and grasses. In the library anyone can get information about landscaping, care of trees and herbs, insects and plant diseases, as well as to get acquainted with the history of the garden.

In addition to the usual tourist excursions every day from one hour to two employees of the garden demonstrates a personal walk with interesting stories about the origin and characteristics of plants. In case a visitor gets tired of walking, you can always use a small train, designed for 16 people. Within 30 minutes, it will ride along the garden's paths and drive to the visitor center.

The world of flora in the Botanical garden Auckland is a surprisingly rich collection. For example, here are 2 of 357 local plants of new Zealand origin, 80% of which are endemic, i.e. these plants can be found only in New Zealand and nowhere else in the world. This is because historically New Zealand has for many years been isolated from the rest of the world.

The garden also contains a rich collection of fruits, vegetables, nuts and edible flowers that are not only delicious, but also healthy. On the North slope presented the arboretum with species of trees from all over the southern hemisphere. The first planting of this young collection was made in 1999. The garden contains a rich collection of trees, perennials, shrubs, herbs, African plants, etc.

On the Eastern side of the Botanical Garden is a quiet and tranquil Garden of Camellias. It is especially nice to be in autumn and winter, when in other parts of the garden near the plants there is a period of hibernation. Also in the winter period (November-July) you can enjoy the rich collection in the Rose Garden, which is on the North side of the Botanical Garden.

Special attention deserves the rock Garden. Here is a rich collection of cacti and succulents from Africa, America, Europe, the Canary Islands, Madagascar and Europe. This beautiful place is located almost in the heart of the Botanical garden, near the visitor centre. Here you can often see the wedding ceremony or just visitors, to arrange picnic on the grass.

In the Botanical garden there are two large artificial lakes, some small lakes, small ponds and streams. On one of the lakes was created by a small quiet garden in memory of the victims of the tragedy in Hiroshima.

In addition to study tours for adults and children in the Botanical Garden Auckland regularly hosts educational programs, workshops, event event, etc.