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Water tower

Water tower - symbol of the new Zealand city of Invercargill and one of his most famous and impressive sights. The water tower is located almost in the centre of Invercargill and is a great guide, as is visible due to its height (42.6 m) from virtually anywhere in the city.

To ensure uninterrupted supply, and the regulation of pressure and flow of water in the water supply in the 80-ies of the 19th century the city of Invercargill took the decision to build a water tower. However, given the specificity of the design and the fact that similar structures usually erected of steel and concrete, some problems arose with the choice of location for construction. But in the end, after long disputes, the water tower was still decided to build in the "green zone" (despite the fact that this land in 1880, construction was prohibited). And in order not to spoil the city landscape architect William Sharpe proposed a very elegant solution "to conclude" in the construction of the elegant brick tower topped by a dome. The official groundbreaking ceremony took place on the 18th of December 1888, and after twelve months the water tower was built and put into operation.

In 1980, the Water tower of Invercargill made the list of Historical monuments of New Zealand, and in 1989 has undergone large-scale restoration (was restored in accordance with original design the dome, demolished in 1934).

It is worth noting that today, as many years ago, the old water tower of Invercargill is part of the urban water system, but is used only when there are problems in the electric network (mainly in the winter months). However, the main function of it all "decorative".