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Waterfall Rainbow

Among the huge number of attractions in the North island special attention deserve the waterfall rainbow is the spectacular 27 metre waterfall on the Kerikeri river, where was built one of the first hydroelectric power stations in New Zealand, near the eponymous town. The name of the waterfall translates as "rainbow" and stuck it in this amazing place back in the old days, when the only inhabitants of the Islands of new Zealand were the Maori peoples. It is worth noting that unlike most New Zealand waterfalls which were formed by erosion of soft rocks, the waterfall rainbow is a hard basalt layer combined with softer mudstone, soft water.

To get to the rainbow waterfall, you have to turn with in Gore road at rainbow falls road, at the end of which begins a footpath to the waterfall, the beauty of which you will be able to enjoy one of the viewing platforms. Here you will also find equipped with Parking and picnic areas. If you like long hikes to the falls you can go on a special route Kerikeri river track (length approximately 3.5 km), which begins in the Bay of Kerikeri and runs along the North Bank of the river. On the way to the waterfall you will see the old hydroelectric plant, or rather what was left of it. In the very same Bay are the main local attractions, perfectly preserved until our days Building the stone Store and mission house, the Church of St. James, and a reconstruction of a traditional Maori village - "Rewa's Village".