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War memorial Museum Auckland

The first collection war memorial Museum started to form in the day of its Foundation and maintained until now. At the very beginning of its existence, the Museum was intended to preserve and showcase the features of the local flora and fauna, objects of art and relics of the local population and culture arriving on earth in New Zealand settlers. During the second half of the 19th century there was a noticeable increase in the exhibits of the Museum. Were collected impressive archaeological and ethnographic collections of Maori. Among them, the fully assembled three dwellings Maori 1830-ies, as well as war canoe of the same time.

The Museum has amassed a collection from all over Polynesia and the Pacific, European and Asian countries. Here are the artware, marine and terrestrial vertebrate and invertebrate animals, over 1200 photographs, paintings, musical instruments, and important scientific work.

Collection "History of humanity" takes care of nearly 200 thousand exhibits depicting the 150-year history of New Zealand. Meeting the "natural Science" contains almost 1.5 million exhibits from the fields of botany, entomology, Zoology inhabitants of New Zealand and the Pacific. "Art collection" is a collection of photographs, drawings, paintings, slides and negatives with the information of global significance.

Anyone can visit the Museum's Library, spend time in the reading room, to read the contents of directories, use the information center.