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Art gallery Christchurch

Art gallery Christchurch (the official name of the art Gallery Christchurch "Te Puna o Waiwhetu") is a municipal art gallery. Art gallery located in the huge ultra-modern building of glass and concrete in the heart of the city and is one of the main and most interesting attractions.

The first art gallery in Christchurch, called the Art gallery, Robert McDougall, was opened in 1932, and in its collections there were a total of 160 works of art from the collections of the Canterbury society of collectors and private collection of James jameson. However, over time, the collection is thoroughly replenished, and the management of the gallery significantly expanded its activities have been carried out temporary exhibitions (including international), cultural events, etc. and relevant was the question of moving to a larger facility. In 1996, specifically for the construction of a new gallery had purchased a plot of land between Montreal street and Worcester Boulevard, and in 1998 announced a competition for the best project, the winner of which was the Australian company "Buchan Group". In June 2002 Art gallery Robert McDougall was officially closed, and in may 2003 held a Grand opening of a new art Gallery in Christchurch. However in 2011, a strong earthquake the building was partially damaged and eventually closed for renovation, but in 2015, the art Gallery of Christchurch reopened its doors to visitors.

Today the art Gallery of Christchurch has one of the largest collections of works by new Zealand authors in total in the gallery's collection has more than 6,000 works of art (painting, sculpture, prints, ceramics, photographs and more), including the work of such talented artists as William Frederik van Royen, Henrietta Emma RAE, Bill Gilbert, Eric Gill, John Galli and Balthazar Paul Ommeganck. And right in front of the entrance to the gallery is the famous installation "Reasons for travel" - the joint work of sculptor Graham Bennett and architect David Cole.