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Mount Cavendish

Cavendish mountain on the East coast of the South island. The mountain is part of the mountain range, the Port hills, formed millions of years ago by the eruption of the volcano and separating today, the city of Christchurch and its port Lyttelton. The height of mount Cavendish is 448 meters above sea level (1470 lb).

Despite the fact that the distance between Christchurch and Lyttelton in a straight line is about two kilometers, the road bypassing and coming from mount Cavendish crossings are within 10 km (pass Layers) and 4.7 km (Evans pass). However, there is a two-lane road tunnel with a length of 1970 m and a throughput capacity of more than 11,000 vehicles per day - the shortest way between Christchurch and Lyttelton (opened in 1964). The entrance to the tunnel from Christchurch is situated at the foot of mount Cavendish valley Heathcote close "Cavendish Scenic Reserve". Lyttelton and Christchurch are also associated rail tunnel (1867). However, there is a mountain Kavadis also so-called "Bridle Path" - for lovers of Hiking and mountain Biking. In the mid-19th century "Bridle Path" was the only way European settlers, arriving in Lyttelton harbour, across the Port hills.

If you want to fully enjoy the magnificent natural landscape of mount Cavendish and fantastic panoramic views of Christchurch, the Canterbury plains, Lyttelton harbour, and in clear weather, and on the banks Peninsula, you should definitely use the lift "Gondola Christchurch" (opened in 1992), which takes you to the top of Cavendish. The base station is located in the Heathcote Valley and on Bridle Path Road.

Originally, the name "Cavendish" (in honour of Lord Richard Cavendish, a member of the Canterbury Association) were the other top of the ridge of the Port hills - mount pleasant, mount Cavendish for a time was known as the "Hill of Mortain".