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Mount Cook

Mount cook (the official name is Aoraki / Mount Cook) - highest peak of New Zealand with a height of 3724 m above sea level. Mount cook is located in the Canterbury region in the National Park mount cook and is part of the mountain chain of the Southern Alps, stretching along the West coast of the South island.

Mount cook is sacred to Maori and it is not surprising that its origin there is a beautiful legend, which tells the story of how the sons of Rangi and Papa (in the mythology of the Maori people - the father-sky and mother-earth) Aoraki and his three brothers went on a journey and Waka ran aground on a reef and tilted. In order not to drown, they climbed up on the bow of the ship, but the icy wind turned them to stone - Vaca became an island, and the brothers mountain peaks. Because Aoraki was the tallest of the brothers, and the highest peak was named "mount cook". The island māori came to be called Te Waka a Aoraki. In 1851 captain John Lort Stokes, four years engaged in geophysical research in New Zealand, gave the mountain the name of Mount Cook, in honour of the famous Explorer and discoverer James cook. In 1998, a law was passed, according to which the New Zealand government has pledged to include the name of the top of her historic name, and MT cook was renamed Aoraki/mount cook.

Mount cook is composed of crystalline rocks and mostly covered with snow and glaciers (here is the famous Tasman glacier - the largest glacier in New Zealand, with a length of 29 km and an area of 156,5 sq. m), the lower part of the mountain slopes is a unique primeval forest of temperate climate and picturesque Alpine meadows. It is an ideal place for trekking lovers and a real Paradise for mountaineers and skiing enthusiasts.

If you want to spend a few days in this amazing place you can stay in the tourist center of the village of Aoraki/mount cook, which is just 7 km from the Tasman glacier, where you will find a good choice of accommodation and lots of suggestions how to spend leisure time - scenic flights in helicopters (including landing on the glaciers), fishing, horseback riding and more. Here begins and a significant portion of the popular Hiking routes in the National Park mount cook.