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Dedinska hall

One of the most interesting buildings in new Zealand city Dunedin is considered the hall - a huge building in the heart of the city, occupying an entire block between the famous octagon and Moray place. The town hall is home to Davidenkova city Council and a popular venue for conferences and cultural events, as well as an important architectural monument (included in the list of objects of Historical and cultural heritage New Zealand Category 1).

Dedinska town hall was built in two phases with a difference in 50 years. The project is the first of the town hall was designed by renowned new Zealand architect Robert Lawson. The ceremonial laying of the Foundation took place in may 1878, and two years later construction was completed and the building is put into operation. The second phase of construction began only in March of 1928, though in 1913 a competition was held for the best project, the winner of which was Henry Mandeno. To start work in the initial project were a number of changes Mandeno new partner Roy Fraser, although there is a perception that the original project was developed by Fraser, but he was too young and could not officially participate in the competition. The construction of the second phase was completed by February 1930. Over time, there have been several large-scale renovations of the town hall (the last in 2010-2013), but not fundamentally changed its overall architectural appearance, but the internal layout has undergone quite significant changes, which, of course, possible to optimize the interior space and at the same time to equip the building with modern equipment.

Built on the design of the Lawson building (this part of the town hall is also called "Municipal house" and the entrance is located at the side of the octagon) is a three-storey building in the Victorian style with arched Windows, pilasters, cornices, balustrades, small attic at the corners of the roof and an impressive 47 metre high clock tower and belfry. The second part of the building, the entrance to which is located on the side of Moray place (Dunedin center), a building in neo-Baroque style (though somewhat simplified) with its elegant façade is decorated with classical pediment and attached columns with Corinthian capitals. Here is the famous auditorium of Dunedin (one of the best in New Zealand), with a capacity of over 2000 people with excellent acoustics.