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The town of Augustów, located near the Lithuanian border, is a great transit point for traveling to the Baltics. It is located on the famous Augustow canal, which is considered one of the city's main attractions.

About the city of Augustow we read for the first time in a documentary the Chronicles, dated 1496. Initially this town was ruled by the Lithuanian princes, and in the middle of the XVI century became a Polish city. Generally, this border town had been in many of the countries: Prussia, Russian Empire, USSR. After 1944, he again went to Poland. Throughout its history Augustow seen kings and emperors, popes and presidents. The monarchs loved to relax in this small town, which is famous for its proximity to beautiful Masurian lakes. In the city you can see the house where I spent few days Napoleon, he is on the Market Sigismund August.

Documents in the city archives also tell us that in 1793, during the negotiations between the representatives of the Russian Empire and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, several dignitaries, among whom were king Stanislaw August, he simply ran away from Grenoble to Augustow to here to see a rare natural phenomenon - a solar Eclipse.

Tourists who visited in Augustow, noted there are a lot of interesting architectural monuments. It has several temples: the Basilica of the sacred heart of Jesus, built in the early XX century, and the Baroque monastery complex of the Nativity of the virgin Mary. It was built in 1726, had been repaired several times, but has managed to maintain its original appearance. Public buildings, for example, email or yacht club, built in 30-ies of the last century, also interest travelers.

There are in augustów and museums. The exposition of the local Museum tells not only about the city's history, but also about the peculiarities of the structure of the Augustow canal. The lancers Museum, which occupies the premises of the bell tower of the Church of our lady of Czestochowa virgin Mary, will appeal to men of any age.