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The Augustow canal

The canal located on the territory of two countries - Poland and Belarus, has a length of 102 km and unites the Niemen and the Vistula river one waterway. Thanks to the emergence in the nineteenth century, this man-made canal, made possible the smooth running of ships from Eastern to Central Europe and back. It was built in very picturesque places that are now under UNESCO protection. The channel is suitable for kayaking trips, which are very popular in these places. Sometimes to enjoy the competition and cheer on your favorite athletes, thousands of people gather. To see the numerous locks and movable bridges, and also to fully enjoy the beauty of the surroundings, you can explore the Augustow canal on a pleasure boat.

The canal was built on the initiative of Prince Drucki-Lyubetskii, who sought to circumvent the prohibitions on transportation through the territory of Prussia of Polish goods. To make life easier for merchants was to find an outlet to the sea in Courland to bypass the Prussian lands. The draft of such a hydraulic corridor was soon drawn up and submitted for approval to the Russian Emperor Alexander I, who then ruled Poland. The construction of the canal began in 1824. The works were led by Colonel Ignatius Prondzinski, which later became disagreeable to the Russian court, for joined the November uprising of 1830-1831. At this time, the construction of the canal was interrupted. We are finishing the construction of this building is another man - Theodore Urbanski.

The canal was opened to navigation in 1839. Part of the original plan were not implemented, since the advent of the Railways helped to solve the problem with the transportation of products without excessive investment. After the First world war the canal was popular among travelers. It was arranged sea holidays, collecting hundreds of spectators.

Currently, this tradition is also given a lot of attention.