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Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is an Orthodox Cathedral in the city of Lodz, built in 1884. The initiator of the construction of an Orthodox Church in Lodz was Governor Ivan Kachanov that in may 1877, a letter was written to the mayor Maurice Tubuala to take concrete steps to begin construction of the temple.

The design of the Cathedral was approved only two years later, after the assassination of the Russian Emperor Alexander II. Construction work under the supervision of architect Hilaria Majewski began in 1881, near the city railway station.

The Church was built in Russian-Byzantine style with five apses, and could simultaneously accommodate 850 parishioners. The decor of the temple was used stucco, the Windows are decorated with exquisite stained glass Windows, the iconostasis can be seen carved oak doors. Overall, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral has a very rich decor, which is absolutely typical of Russian Orthodox architecture. In may 1884, the solemn consecration of the Cathedral by Archbishop Leonty of Warsaw in the presence of the Governor of Warsaw.

During the Second world war, the Cathedral was not injured, and in 1948 the Church received the status of Cathedral of the diocese of Lodz and Poznan. In January 1971, the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral was entered in the Register of monuments. At the beginning of the XXI century the building was completely renovated.