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Alley Chestnut

A short Avenue of Chestnut is located directly in the centre of rzeszów. It is a narrow path that connects the gardens of the Baroque summer Palace of the Lubomirski and the area of Known Collata and continue until the street Kraszewski along the castle moat. Due to the topography this alley could be built on only one side. The name of the street was due to the luxurious shady chestnut trees, which until recently was its decoration.

Alley was established in the late XVIII century when the local castle complex was divided and sold to various individuals. In 1828 the castle Park there are two Villa Palace under the name of Burgalar and the house of the Provost. In those days, the alley was a narrow lane, which allowed to shorten the path to new mansions.

In the late XIX - early XX centuries alley chestnut was considered a suitable place for building houses an eclectic and relaxing walks. Here you can find all the color high society Rzeszow.

To our time survived only a few houses built in the style of the Vienna secession. One of these cottages, called "Under the Owl", was built Cecelski and is a private house. It resembles a small castle with half-timbered facades and multiple turrets. Window of the Villa decorated with stained glass Windows and on one wall is depicted using the technique of sgraffito sundial. On one of the vacant lots between the houses you can see the ruins of a guard point, built in the garden of the summer Palace of the Lubomirski. This building was part of the castle buildings.