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Avenue Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

Avenue of the blessed virgin Mary - street in Czestochowa, which is the main thoroughfare of the city. Avenue of the blessed virgin Mary was founded in the early nineteenth century with the aim of uniting the Old town centre and the surrounding area.

Alley divided by a highway and the Boulevard, located in the middle. During the pilgrimage through the alley followed by a procession to a Catholic monastery of Jasna góra, famous for is stored here the icon of our lady of Czestochowa, which is considered the greatest relic of the Catholic Church.

In the alley with a length of 1.5 km and a width of almost 44 meters are retail stores, financial and cultural institutions. The architecture is dominated by the classical style, in the construction of modern buildings.

Originally the street was called "the Avenue of the virgin Mary", but for many years it became "the Avenue of the blessed virgin Mary". During the Nazi occupation the name was changed to "Adolf-Hitler-Allee", but immediately after the liberation of the city the former name was restored.

The construction of the road began in 1818 on the project of engineer John Bernhard. Soon, the alley was planted with four rows of chestnut trees, and in 50-e years of the nineteenth century there were laid the sidewalks. Over the next two decades, the chestnuts were cut down and replaced with maples, basswood and poplar.

In the early twenty-first century Alley of the virgin Mary was renovated, after which the traffic in one part of the highway was limited.

In 2007, the Alley has installed the bench poetess Halina Poswiatowska, and in 2009, near the house No. 75 was the opening of the fountain "Girl with doves".