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Amphitheatre Millennium

The building of the Amphitheatre, Millennium is one of the most recognizable architectural monuments of the city. The authorities of Opole believe that eventually this structure can become a symbol of their town. Currently, the Amphitheater on 5 thousand places used for concerts of modern singers and is a permanent venue of the Festival of Polish song which has taken place annually since 1963. Only in 1982 the festival events on the local scene did not take place. In the building of the Amphitheatre was opened Museum of Polish song, which contains unique exhibits depicting the history of Polish music. Also here is the Centre of Polish artists.

The extraordinary design of the concert hall, erected on the initiative of the head of the local administration Karol Musiol, developed by the architect Florian Asinovskiy. Interestingly, for the construction of the Amphitheatre, the Millennium was not selected unoccupied area, and the area occupied historic monument. We can say that from this point began the city of Opole. On the territory of what is now the Amphitheater, many centuries ago, was the first settlement of the Slavs. During recent archaeological excavations were found remains of wooden buildings, freed from the layers of centuries, the whole street. Many scientists, insisted on the creation of a protected zone around this ancient city, was struck by the fact that the city authorities decided to build a concert hall.

In 2011, an outdoor Amphitheater was rebuilt, improved and made it more suitable for carrying out complicated projects.