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English house

English house, sometimes also called "Angel house", one of the most impressive buildings of Gdansk.English house was built in 1568-1570 years in the Renaissance style by the German architect Hans Kramer to Dirk Large.

For the construction he took two neighbouring plot of land to build an impressive façade with a width of 15.5 meters and a height of 30 meters, has eight floors. The building is crowned by four peaks and tower with decorative dome and spire. The facade is decorated with exquisite sculptures. The floors are visually separated by prominent cornices with decorative friezes. Original details of the stone facade was gilded and covered with sgraffito (a technique of decorative wall painting, which is to overlay the successive layers of colored plaster). The entrance to the building is made in the form of a triumphal arch with fluted columns at the sides.

The first owner, Dirk Lolhe already in 1572 was bankrupt and the building went to the creditors. In the 17th century main hall of the English house was used for meetings of the British merchants residing in Gdansk. It is for this reason the building came the name "English house".

In 1912 the house was purchased from private owners, which by all means protect it from planned demolition. In the years 1927-1928 were carried out the renovation of the facade, replaced about 40% of the stone decor. During the Second world war in 1945, the English house was destroyed, miraculously survived, only the lower part of the facade. Restoration work was completed in the 70s of the 20th century.

Currently, the English house is the graphic Department and the hostel of the Academy of fine arts Gdansk.