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Architectural Museum

The Museum of architecture is the only architecture Museum in Poland, located in Wroclaw. The Museum presents a collection of works by Polish and foreign architects. The Museum is a founding member of the International Federation of Architectural museums.

The architectural Museum was founded in 1965 and located in the Gothic interiors of former Bernardine monastery from the 15th century. Special attention deserves the patio, which attracts visitors by its unique charm. At the end of the Second world war, the monastery was blown up, the restoration work was carried out in the years 1956-1974, all needs and needs of the Museum were taken into account during renovations.

The Museum's first Director was Professor Algirdas Cherner. Initially, the Museum was part of the Museum of wrocław, but since 1971 works as an independent Museum. Since 2000, the Museum Director is Jerzy LCOS.

The Museum houses over 25,000 objects, including architectural details, plans, maps, drawings, sketches, models, photographs (including the archives on the history of Wroclaw), monuments. Among the architectural details in the Museum you can see interesting objects found during excavations, Bay Windows, keystones, logos, houses and more.

The Museum exposition is divided into sections: the medieval architecture of Wroclaw, architecture and decorative arts from the 12th-20th century, the development of Wroclaw: "Wroclaw - yesterday, today, tomorrow". The Museum staff are very proud of the collection of stained glass Windows, one of which is the oldest stained glass window of the turn of the 12th and 13th centuries with the image of the prophet Ezekiel.

The Museum often hosts temporary exhibitions, including foreign ones. The Museum is a founding member of the world Federation of Architectural museums that allows the exchange of experience in the architectural field, to hold exhibitions and conferences on the latest technologies.