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City walls and gates

Photo and description: City walls and gates

San Marino were fortified and protected by three belts of fortifications, erected at different times. The first belt (around strengthening Guaita) consisted of the outer walls of the fortress and ran to the crest of the rock where stood the ancient Church of Pieve. Within this belt were the old cisterns, the so-called "ditches", which served for water supply.

The second zone was in effect at the beginning of the XIV century, but was built in parts: the oldest part of this related to the XIII century, surrounded the city, including the modern area of the Government Palace (fortress Chesta). From the top platform of the castle offers great views down to the Adriatic.

With the growth and expansion of most of the ancient walls was destroyed. Until the late 50-ies of XX century in the ancient fortification walls was a prison, but later the authorities of the town had a Museum. During the national holidays with bastions shoot old cannons.

A five-sided fortress of Montale, built much later, is a bit remote and surrounded by forest. The entrance to the tower is now closed.

The gate of San Francesco, also called the Gate del Loco, built in 1361, served as Outpost. In 1451 they were completely rebuilt and restored in 1581, when it was built the outer gates. The original doorway was raised with the construction of crenellated towers with machicoulis. On the inner side of the gate is engraved the coat of arms of San Marino and family Ventresca.

Portoni della RUPE or, as they are called, the Gate degli Omerelli, was built in 1525; a later restoration was carried out in 1589. Spacious in the tower of the fortress of rectangular shape housed artillery. On the ground in front of the gate stands a round tower of smaller dimensions, in ancient times served as a powder magazine, and later turned into a windmill.