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Air Museum

The development of aviation and aviation technology since its emergence study and document the staff of the first air Museum in Slovakia, which was opened to the public on 24 August 2002. It is included in the area of the košice airport.

On the feasibility of placing the Museum of aviation in košice talked to a few facts. In 1924 in košice was founded a second airport in Slovakia, which became an important aviation center of the Eastern part of the Czechoslovak Republic. Also in košice is the headquarters of the Slovak technical Museum, the Museum whose potential is a guarantee of the success of the new cultural institutions. In 50-ies of the last century, košice was founded Higher military aviation school, and later the Military aviation Academy of M. R. Stefanik, whose graduates have made significant contributions to the development of aviation in Slovakia. The local airfield is the branch office of Slovak national aeroclub. In addition, in košice took place on one of the first balloon flights in Slovakia. In this city at the beginning of last century, there were lectures on aviation. Thus, it becomes clear that the best place to house the collection of the air Museum it was difficult to find.

In the collections of the Slovak technical Museum you can find old airplanes. Basically, it was engines, devices for navigation and other devices used in aircraft. On the basis of this collection and created the Museum of aviation.

Now the Museum visitors can see 30 historic aviacar and various equipment that are used in airplanes and helicopters. Most interesting are the pieces of military equipment: the MiG-15, MiG-21, helicopters, fighter-bomber su-22, interceptor SU-15 TM. Here visitors are also introduced 24 engine aircraft, some of them were made in 1915-1916. The Museum's collection supplemented with 50 different aircraft models.