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Adamowski Kochanovce

The village Adamowski Kochanovce, which is located in the foothills of the White Carpathians in the district of trenčín was founded in 1960 through the merger of several villages: Adamova, Kochanovce and Small Bierawa. Because of this, in the village you can find two castle.

Small Bierawa is the most southern and lowest part of the village Adamowski Kochanovce. The oldest written mention of it dates back to 1332. In those times the village belonged to several landowners, it was known as Borax or Biere. The main attraction of this village is considered to be a late-Gothic castle of the XVIII century two-storey building with two wings. The estate is situated in the heart of the English Park, where it grows 37 kinds of trees. In 1985, the Park area of 4.55 hectares was declared a protected area. The mansion is currently owned by the Department of social security.

Kochanovce is the most Western and highest part of the village Adamowski Kochanovce. It was first mentioned in documents in 1394. Then it was called Kohan. Here also is the castle, built in the style of classicism in the early nineteenth century. A distinctive feature of this two-storey building is the portico at the main entrance. Also in the village Kochanovce there are two churches built in Baroque style.

In Kochanovce born Slovak poet Vladimir Roy. His home, opened the exhibition dedicated to his life and work.

Adamova is a former village located to the North and East of the present village Adamowski Kochanovce. It occupies both banks Adamushko Creek, right tributary of the river Hoholya, which originates in the mountains at an altitude 703,5 m above sea level. One of the attractions of Adamawa is a mineral spring.